Hey Glow Getters! 💗

After consulting with our courier partners, we have decided to stop all deliveries for the duration of the 21 day lockdown announced on Monday by President Ramaphosa.

While it appears that our couriers will continue to operate, we think it would be negligent to put profit over people’s lives and continue to send non-essential items during this lockdown, when doing so could have very real consequences for our country. The more parcels that are sent, the more people courier drivers come into contact with, endangering their health as well as the health of others around them. Let’s let them focus on the truly essential deliveries.

We believe that acting early and in unison as a nation is the best course of action and we know you do too. Here’s to staying home as much as possible, doing those selfcare routines and emerging on the other side healthy and glowing ✨

Throughout this period, our website will be live and you can browse as well as place orders if you would like to. All orders placed during this period will be shipped once lockdown restrictions lift, which we expect to be around the 16th of April. 

Take care of yourselves and chat soon.

xo, Tamsin and the Glow Theory Team